The cricketers would be in their white trousers and often they wore white gloves The ticket price was 2/6d and included a sit down knife and fork supper. This was looked after by the wives and mothers of the players. My mother always made and iced a big cake for the raffle. Later, of course, the Welfare Hall was built.

March 17th was St. Patricks day and a grand dance was held as near as possible to that day. It was a very popular occasion.

A very crowded dance was on New Year's Eve in the Welfare when folk from round the county came. The new sprung floor was an attraction as was the dance band led by Alf Gray.


Boys seemed to congregate in one part of the hall, girls in another and very rarely did anyone have the same dancing partner all night. Apart from the waltzes, foxtrots and one steps the dances were ; The Boston Two Step, Valetta Waltz, Erin Waltz, St. Bernard's, Pride of Erin etc. The Barn dance was popular where everyone changed partners. But the really exciting dance was the lancers, a square dance for four couples stepping out by the shouted instructions of the M.C. This was where the men tried to swing the women off their feet.

Other clubs, of course, held dances as well as these annual ones, and Saturday night dances were held in the Welfare - admission 6d (2.5p)