Good Templars, a non alcoholic society
Met in the Temperance Hall and Messrs. Bill Robinson, Charlie Roddy, Dave Bruce, Harry Langlands and Billy Makepeace formed a band. Mr. Beresford a Salvation Army man was conductor until Billy Makepeace was trained to take over. It was named the Temperance Band but later became the Colliery Band.

Stanley Holloway
This famous actor played in his fathers travelling theatre. These were called Id. Gaffs and were housed in tents. At Trimdon Colliery they acted in The Square : I suppose he excelled himself as Little Willie, to his mother's role in East Lynne. Grown up he was noted for his tales of 'Albert and the Lion. It is said he was actually born in Thornley.

Mr. T. L. Scott
Was a clever chemist renowned far and wide for his skills. Many people preferred him instead of their own doctors.

We heard of the following people but could not find further information
Old Bunting the horse doctor, Jane Peel, unqualified nurse and midwife. Dick Rickaby, a famous poacher who once applied for the public hangman's job -unsuccessfully. He lived in a shed against the wall in the Raff Yard. It was jokingly said that the shed was so small he slept with his feet poked outside.

Mr. Alex Purvis
He was a miner from Station Town, who started selling boots and shoes, moved to Trimdon Grange and after his wife started a millinery business they opened a shop at Trimdon Colliery, and later another one at Blackhall. Customers came from far and wide. Recently it was sold to the firm of Gatenbys. His daughter Miss Florence, brought many women together by founding the local Womens Institute.

Mr. Leslie Merifield
Trained as a blacksmith at South Hetton Colliery, but finished as Band Sergeant Major of the Cold Stream Guards Band, often having to discuss band affairs with the Queen. For his dedication to music he received the M.B.E.

Mr. Frank Pasquill
Lived in St. Aiden's Terrace., although he was born in the village in 1914. He graduated from Durham University with a first class honours degree in Physics. A Doctor of Science and a fellow of the Royal Society attached to the Met. Office, Air Ministry with posts at school of Agriculture, Cambridge University, Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell and the war Dept. Chemical Defence.

Mr. Colin Jones
Was born in St. Aiden's Terrace, is a doctor of Science and was eligible to be one of the first Astronauts.

Messrs. Joseph Clarke and John Beattie
Received the George Medal for their bravery in trying to rescue a pal from the collapsed pit heap.

Another member of a well known family Abel Lonie.
Joined the metropolitan police force. He became one of the private detectives to accompany the Queen Mother when she reigned alongside her husband King George V.


Mr. Tom Patterson
Son of the "Scatter" Patterson was also awarded the M.B.E. for services in education. His daughter Sylvia was married to Brigadier Commander King at Catterick Camp. When the queen visited there for the 50th celebrations of the Royal Signals, Sylvia, as first lady of the camp, entertained her Royal Highness.

Nurse Welsh
Was Dr. Russells and his son Dr. Toms helper. It was not known if she had received any real training, but she herself would set broken limbs, attend to ibirths and be an all round helper in the surgery. There was no plaster of Paris to help broken bones, just bed and wooded splints and bandages. Babies were vaccinated by taking lymph from one to another. Mrs. Welsh's niece, old Mrs. Herbert was born in one of the original five houses 100 years ago.

Mr. Mick Terrans
Was awarded the 0.B.E. and also was made an honorary Alderman of the County Council for his forty years of service. He did a sponsored parachute jump at the age of 80.

Dr. Hugh Russell and his son Tom.
Were the local doctors for many years. Visits were made either by pony and Trap or on foot. They lived in Willowfield House which is still a doctors home. The area round it was believed to be a coaching station when horses were changed over for the long journeys. Castle Eden was another coaching area. The old Doctor and son together give over 70 years of service.

Miss Florrie Purcell
Conducted her father's business and did much helpful work in Trimdon. She was a pioneer in starting the Trimdon Station Women's Institute.

Bobby Cowell
A local lad, Bobby Cowell, born in Salters Lane, Trimdon Grange in 1923. Bobby played for Newcastle United and won three FA Cup Medals with United in 1951, 52 and 55 seasons. Sadly Bobby died in January 1996, aged 73 years of age.

Mr. Owen Willowby
The North American Robbie Football Tournament.

This tournament was established a good many years ago, being open to any country in the world, but all games are to be played in Toronto, Canada.

There are five groups, covering ages from eight to eighteen. Mr. Willowby had been resident for fourteen years in Toronto and was a coach manager to Toronto Ukranians 7,6 F.C.

Returning to England, he organised a first English team to compete in the tournament in 1979, 1980 and in 1981 when they won against the Edinburgh team.

At the age of 76 years he is still working for football as he is the N.E. scout for Tottenham Hotspurs.

Alf Gray
Alf Gray put our village on the map when he formed a dance band. It became very well known and was in demand in many halls round about.
The Times 1854 July 27 p9c