By Bob Dunn

It can be readily assumed that the present location of the Church was also the site of a Saxon Church. The old English word for wood was "treow" and "duna" was another old English word for hill - the two words together making Tremeduna becoming the Trimdon that we now know today.

Another theory is that the name comes from two other Saxon words, one being "trum" meaning a settlement and the other being "dun" meaning a stronghold. Yet another explanation is that they meant water and hill. The water being the rising of the Skerne and the hill being the Watch Bank.

The basic structure of the Church was put in place in 1146. Extensive alterations were started in 1873 making for a seating capacity of 150 as we know it today. As recently as 1851 it had been regarded as very ruinous. In 1146 the church was in the charge of the prior canons of Guisborough who continued to say mass there until the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII. None of the present fabric of the Church predates 1800 though the single bell has a brass plaque to Brian Lancaster, a former curate, and it is dated 1759.


The small round headed window on the south side of the church is sometimes referred to as the Leper's window. It may have been used for the elevation of the host during mass. Thus the lepers, who had to stay outside, would also be taking part in this solemn part of the mass.

A vault had been built and completed in 1828 and in 1989 during the relaying of the chancel, this vault was discovered. It was entered and discovered to contain four coffins of three adults and one child. They were of the Beckworth family.

The parsonage was built in 1758. It is now referred to as the old parsonage, a new vicarage having been built.

An old tithe map of 1857 shows a national school at the eastern end of the church. It was shown as a small square building on the 1857 map but did not appear at all on a map of 1897.

A hospital for lepers was built by Bishop Pudsey c. 1181 - 1184 and was called the "House of Mercy". It later became a general hospital and is now a very good home for the elderly.